"Sassy Forest Animals" Sticker Pack

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Tell 'em how you really feel!
The Sassy Forest Animals are your friends...their job is to let people know how you really feel. 
Guys keep bothering you at work? Pop the bear on your laptop.
Dad hates your significant other? The BlueJay probably would get the point across.
It goes on and on. Stick them on your car, on your Dad's car (don't worry, they are car safe), or on anything else that needs a mix between the cute and the rude.
They officially release into the wild on APR 1, but you can preorder now to get them hot off the presses!
SFA are die cut, high quality matte vinyl. Weatherproof as well!

Squirrel: 3" x 2.83" Die Cut Sticker

Bear: 2.01" x 3" Die Cut Sticker

Fox: 2.45" x 3" Die Cut Sticker

BlueJay: 2.57" x 3" Die Cut Sticker

Rabbit: 2.9" x 3" Die Cut Sticker

Let's get RUDE