“That's great. That's fantastic... what is it? " - Penn Jillette
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      I recommend

      I really like this shirt - due to things outside of the company's control it took a while to get to me (customs in my own country) event though BeetleMilk send it almost immediately, so I still count that as fast delivery. Now that I finally have it I can say the purchase was worthwhile. The print looks great, the t-shirt fabric feels nice as well and I simply enjoy knowing I have a limited edition of something of which only 20 pieces exist.
      (Also grade A customer service.)
      It was a bit more snug than I would have liked, but that was my own fault for not cheking the size chart. Remember, kids: Reading is very practical!
      All in all, I am happy with it.

      River devil shirt

      Okay First off, I am honored to be able to support such a lovely company and couple, they take a lot of pride in there work and truly put the satisfaction of their customers first as well as the quality of their work! I waited on this review for some time now because I wanted to give an honest opinion of the entire process! I originally purchased this shirt I believe it was the 1st of September, and because of the weather the company they went through to have their shirts printed was delayed, because of this and their desire to make every customers experience superb they took matters into their own hands and found a local company to make the shirts so that they could get them out the door and into their customers hands ASAP. Both Devin and Tatiana notified me and apologized for the delay and explained the situation in full transparency which I believe is super admirable and professional on their part!!! When I finally received my shirt I was ecstatic!! I even modeled it and both my boyfriend and I are on the page showing off the shirt, but after washing my shirt I was disappointed with how it came out and I let them know and they corrected the problem!! They personally made me a new shirt, which in my opinion made it much more valuable! My second shirt was wonderful, it washed nicely, but when I received it, it felt like it was a size too small. I let Tatiana know and without further questioning she told Devin and they sent me a new one in a size bigger and it fits perfectly.. I’m so happy with my purchase and I’m very proud to own and to be able to show off their work. I am in love with this company and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! It’s obvious that they work daily to better themselves and the work they put out to customers and I admire that about them immensely! They are a rad couple and deserve every bit of love and support they’re getting... Buy their stuff, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!!! 🧡💜

      Awesome shirt

      Loved it! Quality of art and shirt material are both awesome.