"Cry Baby Dinosaurs" Sticker Pack

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Why are they so sad? Who knows? Maybe they are sad they are extinct?

This sticker pack comes with five dinosaurs, all ready to grace the surface of your car, your laptop, your notebook, or anywhere else you can put them. Don't be shy about it - they are made of die-cut, waterproof vinyl. Like the legacy of our prehistoric friends, they were built to last. 

Included is five designs:

DILO: 2" x 1.92" Die cut sticker

PTERA: 2” x 1.27" Die cut sticker

BRONTO: 2” x 1.78" Die cut sticker

REX:  2.5" x 3" Die cut sticker

TRIKE: 2" x 1.62" Die cut sticker

Get em' before they go extinct again!