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The Occult and You

It wasn't always this way, you know.

There was a point not so long ago when BeetleMilk didn't release anything more harmless or offensive than some violent comic books and fan art (Which is harmful in its own way but this isn't the place). 

It's a little hard to explain, but what it all comes down to is that we are extreme advocates of acceptance and free thought. We don't care what religion you are, what God you pray to when shit hits the fan. They are all valid, and so is the idea of no god at all. 

I think that is a statement we can all agree with, in theory. But when you start getting into some of the other beliefs people have, some people start getting ants in their pants. Satanism (Both theistic and atheistic), Paganism, Eastern philosophy and its occult derivatives such as Theosophy, to name a few. 

All of these ideas have a place in modern society. Many ideas do not, such as racism and homophobia and all of those "phobia and isms". But the idea that you can reach your highest self with meditation or that you are your own best god? Those ideas work for us. Or the idea that Jesus Christ died for our sins. That works, too. It's all taken on faith, anyway, and I am unsure of how heavily a faith-based approach weighs in any real life scenario vs. when choosing a god.

And you do choose your god. It's almost as if there's a marketplace and you go shopping when you are young. Your mother gives you a few dollars to buy some soda, but strongly encourages you to drink the Jesus Juice. In the end, the choice is yours, but it is a choice. 

I don't know if there is a god or a Jesus or a Zeus or a Satan. I don't know if any of these individuals exist. Do they? Can they feel, speak, think? Does Satan like Poetry? Does God like Cardi B.? It's interesting to me that we as humans are so complicated and multi-layered, but we simplify our heroes (including religious ones) down to the most one dimensional of ideas. God is Good. Satan is bad. What even is good or bad outside of the context of your particular society and cultural narrative? Should women wear veils and have an escort everywhere they walk? Is the Pope the immutable word of God? Did the events in any of the main three holy books actually happen or are we playing humanity's longest running game of Cup and String?

Once you go down that rabbit hole, you are headed places. Many of those places will lead to the occult. 

To be clear, I'm not really talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer occult, with big dusty tomes with Satanic sigils in them or vampires with bleach blonde hair and washboard abs. I'm talking about the hardest truth you will ever have to swallow.

It all came from the same place.


Almost any belief you can have today shares the same lineage with any other. I'm not just talking about the Abrahamic religions, but all of them. They can all be traced back to early humanity, people who didn't know why thunder crashed so loudly or why children were sometimes stillborn. They didn't know why there were often not as many crops to gather (farming came much later) or game to hunt. They didn't know why a world that held such inconceivable beauty could turn on a dime and present you with unbelievable ugliness.

So they invented reasons. Later, people would catch on to the true spiritual and magical properties of the world (I think it could be argued that increased mental output gave the energy for what we would call "magic" to happen but that's a whole different blog), and adepts would arise. Namely in the East and in parts of Africa. From these roots, a lot of what we know as modern religion arose but it all really started with people trying to explain things that we have the advantage of knowing today. We know that thunder is a result of the sound of electricity moving the air and that sound travels at roughly a mile per second, so we count after seeing lightning. But before... I can't blame them for thinking it was a cruel God communicating his displeasure with whatever their group had done that day. It's still easy to believe when you see a real storm. We are, after all, inherently superstitious.

Which finally brings me around to the occult.

If you accept my thesis today, than the simple conclusion is that modern religions all share common lineage. If this is the case, then there really shouldn't be any occult at all. It's like loving the same musical artist but having different preferences on our favorite album. The issue, then, is the fact that maybe you've never heard my favorite CD. Maybe you were told it sucked. Maybe you were told it was blasphemous. You were told many things, but not all of them were true.

BeetleMilk seeks to expose you to these thoughts that maybe you haven't had a chance to hear or try to understand. Or maybe you're curious about this amazing history that human spirituality has. Or maybe you want an edgy shirt to piss your mom off with. It's not my place to cast judgement on your reasons for being here. But please allow me to encourage you to follow the threads of knowledge that interest you and enhance your own spiritual wellbeing, and damn the torpedoes. Who knows? Maybe thunder is God bowling.