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The BeetleMilk "Free Mystery Box" Sale


If you're looking for free gear, our "Free Mystery Box" sale is the ticket. Here's how it works:

  • Every order over thirty dollars will get ten free items from the BeetleMilk vaults.
  • Orders over sixty dollars will get twenty free items.
  • Orders over ninety dollars will get thirty items.
  • Orders over One hundred dollars will get all thirty items along with an autographed print.

This is applied to your order automatically, and carries no additional cost. See below for a list of items that you might get:

1. The first twenty orders will get a guaranteed enamel pin.

2. Stickers ranging from our entire history as a company, including impossible to find old runs.

3. Tarot cards that were event exclusive. This includes "Black Friday" and "Choose Love Today".

4. Metal trading cards

5. Merch from the Roadkill Club Kickstarter

6. Fan art that we no longer sell, specifically "No-Face" merchandise, and Pokemon merchandise.

7. Wooden items, such as keychains.

8. Other assorted items.

These items will be selected at random. It's fun for everyone!

Enjoy and luck be with you!