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February 1, 2022 : Community Collaboration!

Today is a proud day for us!

We're dropping eleven designs, all made by fans and friends of BeetleMilk, for purchase in the shop. This project, spearheaded by Tatiana, is one of the most ambitious we've ever undertaken. One of our most cherished dreams is to help other artists make their place in the world and to encourage their creativity and pursuit of a career.

For this project, we asked the eleven artists to send us a design based on either the BeetleMilk logo, or our succubaby designs. From there, they had complete freedom to express themselves as they saw fit. Many of these artists have never sold their work before, and we are hoping that participating in this event will give them the encouragement they need to continue working towards their goals. The artists will also be paid for their participation, and a select few will have their projects transformed into other mediums, such as stickers or enamel pins. If this sounds like charity to you, I encourage you to go HERE and look at the designs. They blew the challenge out of the water and we could not be more proud. 

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