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Meet the Team!

It is a collaborative effort to make BeetleMilk run effectively! We say thank you to our community as they all help in their own ways to help it grow! Below are key players within the company!


Pope (He/Him) : Co-Owner, Writer/Designer

Co-Owner and founding member of BeetleMilk, Pope hails from the jungles of Isla Nublar, where he trained as a Jedi until his Shogun was killed at Reichenbach Falls. After this tragic incident, he created the Pope line of clothing to productively express his inner angst. 

Tatiana McCrea (She/Her) : Co-Owner, Artist/Designer

Tatiana has been doing art from the first day she could hold a pencil! Her determination grew when she couldn’t draw a Pikachu correctly and freaked out. Now she spends her time designing clothing and drawing comics! (Her favorite video games are Okami, Super Bust-a-Move 2, and Pokémon Arceus).


Zach Battle (He/Him) : PR Manager

AKA “Ghostbody” has been a life long gamer and long time appreciator of the arts. Ran into this BeetleMilk outfit at a con and the rest is history. Now working along side Pope and Tatiana, it’s time to spread the influence of BeetleMilk worldwide!

Jay Crossman (They/Them) : Marketing Manager

Jay specializes in combining beauty with horror- especially body horror! Nature and decay (bugs, mushrooms, petals, and bones). They have a soft spot for spiders. Jay has known Tatiana since they were in middle school! Now Jay helps with spreading the word of BeetleMilk!