Order FAQ:

1. How will I know my order status? We send you automatic updates via the method of your choosing (Text, Email, Messenger) as your order goes from paid to shipped. At the very minimum, you will receive two updates: Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation.

2. What is your refund/return/exchange policy? We want you to be overjoyed at your purchase, and come back for more. To this end, our policy is very simple: No questions asked. On some premium items, we will ask you to return it, and we will cover the shipping. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't 100% satisfied.

3. My order was damaged/lost. What can I do? Simply reach out. We'll get it all sorted for you.

4. I didn't see my order confirmation email: If this happens, simply reach out and we will send you your receipt manually. It's very important that you have this info.

5. How long does my order typically take to ship out? It's annotated on the product pages, but the general rule is that all over print items take 4-6 weeks. Merch and normal print shirts generally take around a week. If you order both, we generally combine them, but you can leave a note for us to ship separately if you want the in house stuff faster.

6. Why are you so pricy? I'm working a day job, you know: BeetleMilk only releases high quality items. This merch is not AliExpress resale. It is custom made, for you. We do try to release a variation of prices on our items, however, and so we have items on both ends of the financial spectrum.

7. I have a question about sizing or availability: There is a Messenger link on the bottom right of the page, that's the fastest way to reach us. Alternately you can email beetlemilk27@gmail.com