1. Who are you guys, anyway?

Thanks for asking! We are [BeetleMilk], an indie publisher out of Nashville, TN. We specialize in weird art and comics. 

2. Can I find you guys on social media?

Sure can! You can click the links on the bottom of the page!

3. How often do you guys come out with new gear?

We try for every two weeks. Tatiana is CONSTANTLY churning out new designs, and we have a few in process as I type this.

4. How long does it typically take to get my order?

We try to ship day of or day after. It doesn't always happen that way, but it's what we aim for. Either way, you get tracking when your order ships.

5. Are your works copyrighted?

Yes. So don't copy us ;)

6. I want to do a collaboration. How would I go about doing that?

Some of the coolest things we have coming out involve collaboration with other artists, designers, coders, and writers. We welcome all pitches, even if it's for an unfinished concept. Email us at beetlemilk27@gmail.com, we will answer and there's no biting involved. Please keep in mind that all of our outsourced collabs are under contract and with negotiated terms, so be ready to talk.

7. I don't like my order. It's incorrect, or I just don't think the items meet expectations. What can I do?

We are obsessed with quality. That's not poetic rambling, either. If it sucks WE DON'T PUT IT OUT. But, that doesn't mean that everyone is happy all the time. If you feel that we messed up your order, or delivered a low quality product that didn't meet expectations, email us: beetlemilk27@gmail.com. We will do everything in our power to fix it. 

8. Help! My package got lost in the mail!

Calm down, it's ok! Once again, just shoot us an email. We'll follow up with the post office, and worst case send new stuff.

9. Do I get any goodies with my order?

So...every order gets free stickers. But, occasionally, we'll slip something else in there. Because we love our fans. 

10. I have other questions!

No issue! Beetlemilk27@gmail.com!