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What We're About


BeetleMilk started in 2014, in Los Angeles, CA.

Our members are Tatiana McCrea, Devin McCrea, and some incredible talented contributers.

We originally started as a comic company, releasing the webcomic [Psycho Babble] online and developing a following from there, but BeetleMilk didn't truly get started until roughly a year later - when we decided to go to print.

Soon thereafter, we began a slow takeover of the convention scene in Atlanta, GA. Our comic was popular, we were selling merch, it was all good.

Conventions are crazy, though, and after spending one summer almost entirely at cons, we decided to take a break, and the bottom of the business fell out from underneath us. We had become a business dependent entirely on convention appearances in order to keep things going. It wasn't all bad, though. Our KickStarted comic "The RoadKill Club" fully funded in 6 hours.

But we had reached a point that we were struggling with who we even were, as a company. We were going this really cute stuff with bugs, but it wasn't connecting. The only things that connected were darker.

And that's how the site you are on came to be. We decided to work with the occult, with the dark, with Pastel Goth and Kawaii mentalities - a mix between the scary and the cute.

With our newest brands, Strawberry Blood and Pope, We hope to bring even more amazing items your way!

- D&T