“That's great. That's fantastic... what is it? " - Penn Jillette
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      [BeetleMilk] started in 2014, in Los Angeles, CA.

      Our members are Tatiana McCrea, Devin McCrea, and Brian Melgar.

      As a company, we have a few philosophies that I think are well worth going into here. 

      Quality First, and No Hate.

      Quality First is pretty easy to quantify. When you order from us, you should be happy with the product you invested in - no exceptions, no compromises. We go to great lengths to ensure that the product you receive is exactly what was promised. No cutting corners. We are an independent company, and there are no shareholders to appease. We feature a robust return/refund/complaint policy, which generally breaks down to: "The customer is right, always". 

      We also promise to go above and beyond. Every package comes with extra swag, which is not built into the price of the products. We hope that you will come back again and again, an investment fulfilled. 

      If you do not, we still love you.

      No Hate had to be built into our vision when we took the pivot of releasing occult and esoteric designs. Understandably, some people might feel attacked or bothered by some of the things they see on this site. That's ok! Please understand that appreciating or promoting one ideal does not directly have much to do with any other idea or ideal, and certainly isn't intended to harm anyone. We REALLY dig occult subjects, and that interest translates into passion for the designs that we put out. They are researched, harshly edited and changed, and checked for accuracy, as well as quality. Not much of it will have anything to do with the Tribecca of major religions, but that's because you can find that type of stuff literally anywhere. We want to deal in stuff that you can't find anywhere else - carve out our niche on the world market and own it. If you can't get past the fact that we made a shirt dedicated to demon summoning circles, I'd like to suggest you call your local news channel and let them know. We can use the press ;). Other then that, please know we have no issue in you or whatever you hold close to your heart as a belief. 

      We want you to be happy and well. We want you to love your products. If for any reason they aren't up to snuff, email us at beetlemilk27@gmail.com and we'll help get it sorted. <3

      - Team