About Us

[BeetleMilk] started in 2014.

The story behind our forming is pretty well known, but the short version is that the company stemmed from a desire to produce art and comics that completely showed off the artistic talents of Tatiana McCrea, and the insane writing of Devin McCrea.

We started off writing a webcomic, [Psycho Babble], that quickly became popular on sites like Tapas. Eventually, however, we decided that the webcomic method wasn't for us.

So...we revised our webcomic, page by page. [Psycho Babble] existed. We started attending conventions in Atlanta, hocking our wares to people who had no idea who we were. It was a lot of fun, but also an amazing challenge, winning people over one by one.

We took the profits from these conventions and put them into new books and merchandise. It all fed into itself and soon we were rocking and rolling!

Finally, we decided it was time to expand. Moving into 2019, we have a robust portfolio of upcoming comics, featuring some of the best in indie art. We also hired on a novelist, Brian Melgar, to break into the literary and prose side of things. So two became three, and we couldn't be happier.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the art and items featured on this site. It's been a long journey, but things are just getting ramped up.


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