The RoadKill Club Comic

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In the back roads of Georgia, a battle has begun...

Animals are dying on this road, at an alarming rate. No reasons given, no apologies offered. The Red Truck is a monster from an animal’s worst nightmare, a beast of garish color and unfamiliar smells, that uses its wheels to crush animals into dust.

The Spirit of the Forest, try as she might, cannot fix this problem. She is bound to natural law: she cannot interfere with the world of humans.

But she can summon some help.

Enter The RoadKill Club, a group of animals raised from the dead to protect their still-breathing kindred. Only through teamwork can they vanquish The Red Truck, the most unknowable of foes.

*The RoadKill Club is a Kickstarter success, having had all funding goals met within 6 hours of the campaign kickoff. It went on to be 300% funded. This is the first issue of an ongoing series, with issue two planned to release in June.

This comic is 22 pages, ad free, and packaged in a preservation quality protective sleeve and cardboard backing to ensure it arrives to you safe and sound, and lasts forever.

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