Toade's Terrific Talking Time - T4 EP.6

Hello my wonderful people. It’s Toade here with your weekly dose of me, which I know that you all count on to sustain you through the work week. I think. I actually have no idea how many people read this every week. But I digress. What am I here to fill your brains with today? Well, I’m actually here to stoke some debate! And… I’m actually going to discuss comic books for once! I know, super weird coming from a comic book writer (I switch between novelist and comic book writer as it suits me).
So, here’s what I want everyone to think about in the coming weeks and then tweet at me about (@BeetleMilkComic). What’s better: single issues or trade paperbacks? And even further: digital or physical comics?
This is an internal debate that I’ve had for a while. I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but I love reading comics and I have a deep fear of missing out. So while I prefer to buy in trade paperbacks (because binging is life and they’re overall cheaper), I don’t like having to wait until the volumes come out in order to read up on the latest adventures of my various favorite heroes. As a result, I end up buying single issues as they come out. But, here comes the hypocrisy: I also forget to read them as they come out and I end up reading them in bursts later on down the line. How late down the line? Long enough that the trade paperbacks are usually out by then. HOW SCANDOLOUS.
I don’t make any sense, and everyone just kinda has to accept this. 
That brings me to the second little debate I want everyone to consider. Physical or digital? See, I’m an all-digital man when it comes to my media consumption. Video games, books, comics, you name it. I don’t know that I own very many physical items in entertainment. I actually JUST bought an iPad because I got tired of reading on my phone. And a lot of this comes down to the fact that I just don’t have a lot of room to store these items that I’ll invariably want to be using. If I did have plenty of storage space available, of course I’d love to have all of my comics in physical form because there’s nothing like holding an actual book in your hands. But I just can’t beat the convenience of having all of my comics downloaded onto a small portable device.
So, guys, think everything over and make sure you let me know where you stand on both of these fronts. Single issue vs. Trades; Digital vs. Physical. 
Well that’s gonna be all from me today! I'll be taking a couple of weeks off while we take care of some important new [BeetleMilk] stuff for you all! 
Brian Melgar, known as Toade, once beat Dark Souls. Not that impressive, you say? Well, you didn’t let me finish! He once beat Dark Souls while hanging upside down from the Statue of Liberty, blindfolded, sexting your mother, and reciting the Green Lantern creed. He was quoted after this accomplishment as saying “Hopefully the next game will be a little bit of a challenge.” If you know of a game that might actually be a little difficult for him, hit him up at @beetlemilkcomic on Twitter and @darthsnugglepuss on IG.

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