Toade's Terrific Talking Time - T4 EP. 5

Hey guys! It’s finally Sunday again, I know how much you’ve all missed me and my sardonic wit. Well, fear not, because I’m back and my words are readily available for your eye-hole pleasure. 
I know what you’re thinking: “Toade, your life seems so amazing. You have it all figured out. You’re talented, funny, and Sharke is clearly in love with you. What could you possibly complain about?” Well, beautiful and astute reader, I’ll tell you. I’m here to complain about how amazing other people are atthings. 
I have been reading Joe Hill’s Strange Weatherrecently and let me tell you. IT IS NOT FAIR. How are some people in this world so incredible at writing? I think I’m a very serviceable writer, I can craft a tale with the best of them, but JOE HILL. 
Do you guys know who this man is? This is Stephen King’s son and let me tell you something about him. He inherited ALL of King’s good talent and NONE of his flaws. Every single book he’s ever released has been an absolute 10/10. And when Sharke inevitably reads this, he’s going to wonder why I’m using our platform to promote someone else’s work (he’s also going to wonder if I’m going to cheat on him with Joe Hill) so I need to clarify what my intent here is.
People don’t read anymore, guys. Very few, anyway. Did you know that the average person only spends 2 hours a week reading? And I’m willing to bet that most of that reading time has nothing to do with a novel or a comic book. Creative writing is my bread and butter, I live for it and I breathe it. My bookshelf looks super pretentious and colorful all at once. I LOVE IT. But people are putting down the novels in favor of quick ten-minute articles on their phones. 
So, the reason I’m here talking about Joe Hill is because I want to promote a love of literature. Yes, I have a book coming out in the next couple of months and YES I think you all should buy it because I think it’s pretty alright, but even if you don’t, I strongly encourage everyone to buy ANY book. Written by anyone. Run into a Target and pick up the most interesting looking cover. Browse your local library and rent out a few of the coolest looking ones you can find. Anything at all that gets you reading. 
But for real guys, I do have a book coming out soon and it took me a long time to get it to a state where I can say with 100% certainty that it’s worth the time it takes to read, and I would love if you all would show your support by either picking up a copy, sharing it around, tweeting about it or doing any of the other relevant social media stuff. 
And also just read anything in general guys. Reading is so cool.
Well, that’s it for me today! Sorry I got a little preachy, but as a writer I feel very strongly about this topic and wanted to pass it along to you! Catch me again next week for another T4!

Brian Melgar, better known as Toade, was Sally’s original boyfriend, but they broke up after he had a four way with the three witches. Those ladies sure can use a broom. Anyway, he and Oogie Boogie used to gamble but Brian got sent to Dia de las Muertes town after the citizens of Halloween Town discovered he is Hispanic. Turns out they are quite racist there. If you can use a broom well, hit Brian up on Twitter @beetlemilkcomic or IG @darthsnugglepuss.

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