Toade's Terrific Talking Time - T4 EP.3

Hello all! Toade here. And as expected, it was only a matter of time before I was late on delivering one of these blog posts. And do you want to know why?
It’s because having to do things on time is a chore. 
I’ve realized that these posts are turning into me venting about the various facets of everyday life that annoy me, and I’m leaning into it by just going off about this particular topic.
As Sharke will tell you, I am perpetually late on almost everything that I do. Just ask him how long it took me to deliver a new edit of my upcoming novel. Go ahead, ask him. He’s @SharkeWrites on twitter. I’ll wait.
Are you back? Did he tell you took me three decades? He’s only slightly exaggerating. See, I love writing. It’s my truest passion in this world. But the moment that something I love turns into a responsibility, I begin to shirk it as hard as a human possibly can. Because responsibility is for losers.
All kidding aside, I do find it ridiculously easy to forget about everything in my life that’s supposed to be important. I get caught up in the minutiae around me and all of the non-essential creature comforts take hold of my heart and grip it tight. I am 80 hours in to Octopath Traveler on my Nintendo Switch and the end is nowhere in sight. Someone please send help, I can’t keep doing this to myself.
Luckily, this last week, I FINALLY delivered the manuscript to Sharke and that means that I can kinda stop worrying about that. I can begin procrastinating on the next major project for [BeetleMilk] instead. Do you think this is a joke? I will live with a thousand ideas for new stories and never write a single one if even one of you tells me to do it.
But don’t, because I need this job.
All of this is my roundabout way of saying that these posts are indeed going to be weekly, but what time they go up is going to vary because I need to keep you all on your toes. The second you start expecting something, I’m going to subvert your expectations just like The Last Jedi (which is a great movie and I will FIGHT anyone who disagrees with me. Maybe even write a whole blog post about how much I love that movie next week. Or not. Who knows).
Lastly, we’ve got a really cool giveaway going on over on our Twitter (@BeetleMilkComic) and on our Facebook page. Head over there for all of the details. And no, I’m not worried about this section of the blog being dated within a few weeks because I plan to always have some kind of giveaway going on so HA!
Anyway, that’s gonna do it for today! Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow Sharke’s new twitter account that I listed above. He loves being harassed by his fans. Even more so if they’re my fans.
See you next week! 
Brian Melgar, known as Toade, once was in the running for sexiest man on the planet in People Magazine, but pulled out at the last second because that’s what he does. Take note, ladies. Make sure to send dating applications to @beetlemilkcomic on Twitter, or @darthsnugglepuss on IG.

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