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The Devil's Work

The Devil's Work

I don't believe in Satan.

Somebody once said that the best weapon that Satan has on Earth is that people don't believe in him. Well, that's fucking convenient, ain't it?

If you believe in Satan, and by proxy God, don't let me give you any static. Religious belief is constituted of this weird amalgamation of culture, family, location, and personal experience. I cannot answer any religious questions for you (the important ones, anyway. I can definitely give specific details on biblical events.), only for me.

By now, you're probably asking yourself why I'm talking about this, if not to convert you all to apostates and heretics?

Well, it's actually to talk about the time since June 5th, 2019. Six months in review. six months walking the Devil's Road. Although I have to theorize that if they do exist, I'm renting the space.

2019 was the year that we realized we could do this. We could make this our life, our driving force. I explained in a previous blog how our reformat started, but I haven't really explained the factors that made it survive past that initial run of Goetic shirts.

Hard Fucking Work.

Also luck, great fans, a Discord Server, two models, An internet search for great pin suppliers, a heat press, Wikipedia and, a lot of long conversations about the future, a move to another state, and the frankly overwhelming love of our small but amazing Congregation.

Definitely started a cult this year, the BeetleCult.

If it's been weird to watch the site go from a ragged site to this slick site, or us from hobbyists to full-timers... try being us!

More to follow. Enjoy the new gear!



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