Tell Me About That New New!

Brian (New pen name currently being voted on over @BeetleMilkComic on Twitter) here and oh MAN, we've been ramping things up lately for you guys. New products in the pipeline, new books in the works, new pen names and even a secret new product coming soon! We are definitely doing everything we can to give you guys the [BeetleMilk] products that you want to put on your body, on your stuff and in your eye holes. So let's talk about some of them.

As you'll know (because we're not subtle and we like to be in your face), we've got a shop update on April 1st with the Sassy Forest Animal sticker pack being the main thing we're telling everyone about. These are ALREADY up for pre-order in the shop so grab 'em while they last! If how our Cry Baby Dinos sold is any indication, they'll be flying off the digital shelf. 

Additionally, we've got a super secret reveal going up on April 1st! Maybe something you can read for an extended period of time, maybe it'll be available for pre-order, maybe it'll be something we've been excited about putting out... you'll have to check back for the store update to find out what it is. 

What I'm saying here is... we are incredible people who cater to other incredible people (You, reading this, right now) with the best possible stuff we can possibly create. So buy it and we'll reward that with even better stuff until we eventually reach critical mass. 

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