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River Devils and Artistic Expression

River Devils and Artistic Expression

Holla! (Sorry, jamming some Missy Elliot)

Today, September 1st, Tatiana and I released an artistic experiment gone awry.

The story goes something like this:

A few months ago, Tatiana explained to me that while she was enjoying the work she was doing for BeetleMilk, she didn't feel like she was pushing her boundaries artistically.

Now, I'm an entrepreneur, as well as a creative (nice to meet you, I run the company). I understand that there is always this balance between artistic expression and commercialism. Sometimes, it's hard to blend that line correctly and that just doesn't sell in my experience. Needless to say, I found it very alarming that she was implying that she "sold out".

So, I asked her what she wanted to do. Her answer wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. You see, Tatiana REALLY likes making edgy art. Full frontal nudity edgy. Annnnnnnd that's a problem because we can't advertise it. Facebook bans it damn near automatically. So the only chance of it being seen was by people stumbling upon it on the site - which are not odds that are conducive to staying in business.

I like being in business.

The subject kinda stayed dormant for a while, until she developed our first tarot card, The Devil. It featured hermaphroditic demon... children? It's hard to tell. 

Can we just appreciate the fact that I just had to type that? Thanks.

They had male genitals. Which is fine, I guess. But not conducive to business. They had breasts. No problem, if you are making religious art. Which, I guess, in a way we are. 

So, I explained to her that in order to release it, we'd have to censor it. And we did - on the T-Shirt. When we later released the actual tarot card, it was uncensored.


So, Tatiana started getting fascinated with her little Hellish Goat Kid Things. She started taking photos on trips and in the world, and drawing them into the pictures. She released a few of them on Instagram, because why not, and people flipped. They loved the mix between cartoons and real life. 


So, now they are T-Shirts. We did an uncensored version, which is limited to 20, and a censored version. I hope they do well, but either way it was an interesting trip to bring them to you. In a way they are Tatiana's children.


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