Dinosaurs, Animals, and all the info!

Hello All.

Sharke here!

You know the deal. I'm here to update you on the latest goings on here at BeetleMilk.com!

Firstly, you might have noticed that we discontinued our flagship comic, [Psycho Babble]. I explained this at length on social media, but basically, we didn't want to continue it in it's current incarnation. We will be releasing a new version soon - a better version. Trust me.

The first few pages of Disco infernal, our new comic about Eligos the demon, are done. I will begin lettering shortly. This is for the .5 version, which will be strictly limited to 100 copies and signed by the whole team. We will announce how to get one soon! For my faithful blog readers, here's the first page:

Sad Panda...er, Demon

Enkido, by DEEB, a comic by a very special Egyptian, is in the final approval process before we send for test copies. We will be releasing it in June!

Don't forget to pick up the CryBaby Dinosaurs!

Next week, we are releasing info on two new T Shirts! Keep an eye out!

The Sassy Forest Animals sticker pack is coming! It will be released on 1 APR! Click on the image to Preorder!

 Lastly, I promised you a discount! 

ENTER THE CODE "BLOG" for 25% off your entire order! Go save some MONAAAAY.



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