Can’t Be Saved


Kudos if you got that reference. 

To me, there is nothing quite like a new product launch. Few things make me happier. Especially when the products in question are so firmly rooted in things I’m excited about. Believe you me, I’m excited about these new products.

We released the new EDEN line of clothes with very little warning, and it’s a complete 180 from what we were doing before, and so I wanted to take some time out to talk about why/what we are doing.

So, about two months ago, we launched a KickStarter. It was our second KickStarter, on the heels of our successful campaign for “The RoadKill Club”. We were positive that the “Dessert Beetles” would be well received. High quality, cute, large, these enamel pins had it all.

Yeah, it was a disaster. 

We spent a ton of money getting a proof of concept made, on props for our KS video, just...we aren’t rich. We got a promotional company to help out. We did everything we could and it came out to NOTHING. Well, almost nothing.

See, what had happened was, about a week before the campaign was set to end in abject failure, Tatiana and I were sitting on the couch, wondering what went wrong. Wrong promotion company? Wrong preview product? Wrong fucking metal on the pin? Why was this shit not going?


But I was staring at the wall. I’m not making this up, I was staring at the wall. Specifically, at a gift I got for Tatiana, a jacket patch. This one:

I stared at it for a good five minutes before something clicked.

Beetles are cool, but there was no passion.

No passion at all. No story, no purpose. Nothing. A cute pin to place on your backpack and forget about.

Who cares?

Not me. Not you. Nobody.

But you know what I do have a passion for? The occult. The esoteric. Forbidden texts. I’ve been reading/collecting them for years. I have books that my family would never enter my apartment if they knew they existed in that space. 

Do I have the balls to follow this as-yet unexpressed interest?

Yeah, I do.

I asked Tat, “Why aren’t we doing stuff like that?” 

I pointed at the picture. She didn’t have an answer for that question. Because there was no reason not to (besides alienating my family, two-thirds of America, and playing into a culture with an active stigma against it. Normal shit).

I drew up (poorly) a design. Messianic Complex. A beetle on a cross. Nice and offensive. This:

I gave it to Tat and she made a cool concept into magic. We will introduce the design sometime; we just came up with cooler stuff later. 

I then drew a picture (again, poorly) of the Serpent coughing up apples. Under it, I wrote EDEN. Because it’s the Serpent, yeah? Looked like this:

Forgive my inability to draw. This was a fucking triple espresso shot of inspiration.

Guys, overnight we changed EVERYTHING. Direction, intention, message. Mixing Tat’s cute art with my dark interests was an amazing idea.

So now, all over this site, you can see images of our first official design. The Goetic Circle. Because of the Lesser Key of Solomon. Ars Goetica. Demon summoning manual. Pretty dry, but invaluable. I’m like Buffy, scouring texts for cool ideas.

Goetic is just the start. I WILL piss off your grandma.


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  • Emma

    I would’ve bought both EDEN shirts currently up immediately, if they were available in black or white shirts. The “athletic grey” they’re pictured on is a no go for me.

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