Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. What have I gotten myself into?

Welcome back to the BeetleMilk blog, an uncomfortably candid rip off of a Kevin Smith book title. By the way, you should read “My Boring Life”. Word up to Mr. Smith, Reboot was great.

What do I want to talk about today? What blasphemy will I dish out?

Well, normally I am pretty even tempered on these posts, even though I like to front like I’m gonna be rolling in on a SatanMobile, drinking El Satano red soda and blasting “Shout At The Devil”... but the truth is that I have a deep respect for religious belief and faith. I just don’t get to show it off very often. Especially when you consider my company, BeetleMilk. 

Behind many of our religiously inspired designs is a healthy respect, and a desire to not blaspheme, but to educate.


Besides my desire to educate, I also like to talk. 

all of this is to tell you that I have been brought on as a member of the Lore-Cast podcast crew, to discuss what Nick and I believe is the most important lore in history - religious lore. 


Finally I can get into all of the cool little stories and tidbits that inform people’s belief systems - we aren’t just going into Christianity, nooooooo. Judaism, Islam, Paganism, all of them... will get treated with respect and dignity as we break down the pertinent points of why people follow those belief systems. Outside of, you know... childhood indoctrination.

Check out the first episode here:

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