As I write this, I am wearing the dark edition of the "Goetic" shirt. Attached is a pic of me tonight.

And I'm grateful.

You have to understand that a million people have a million cool ideas every single day. Products, inventions, services... people have the craziest ideas. They also don't execute them. 

An idea unexecuted is a dream, absolutely worthless.

I'm grateful that I got this crazy idea for a design based on a summoning circle, and that Tatiana took it and ran with it... but that's not enough. We had to bring it into the world. And now it is. I'm wearing it.

You guys have NO IDEA the shitstorm that these shirts created. Our original mockups were impossible to make without losing Bookoo money. Our T-Shirt supplier had some issues with an employee not wanting to make them. We had to front crazy money for the shirts, and unfortunately due to me limiting the design we overpaid to the tune of a few hundred. I could have kept the design on the market and easily made it back, but I promised it would be limited, and I keep my promises. We could have made them cheaper and had better margins, and I said fuck that. People on FB are accusing us of being Satanists and blasphemers... oh, wait. That's not a bad thing.

So much shit man.

But I'm wearing it.

In a week or so, if you bought it, you will be wearing it.

My crazy idea.

Holy Shit.

Ideas aren't worth shit if unexecuted. 

You guys should see some of the shit we have planned for your punk ass. Stuff that makes Goetic look like child's play. New merchandise, new designs. Stuff you can wear in public and stuff you can't. Art.

I hope you love it.



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