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Baphomet Vs. Satan

Baphomet Vs. Satan

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Satan is an interesting historical figure.

Having been around since essentially the moment religion started, he gets a very bad rap. Today, many people don't believe he exists, and some people worship him, but the lot of Satan is that most people revile him. Is that fair, though?

 Baphomet often gets confused with Satan, but his origins are far more recent. He was created, for a purpose, and that purpose was served. But it only really applied to a relatively small group of people: The Knights Templar. Satan's purpose is universal, worldwide. Why do these two entities get confused so often? Let's take a look.

Welcome to BeetleMilk's Occult Facts. I'm Beetle, and I'm going to hit you with some knowledge of two of the most famous "evil" beings in the world. Satan and Baphomet. Before that, though: I'm going to refer to both of these entities as "he", although that is debatable, especially in the case of Baphomet. Additionally, I'm only going to be getting into the history, not whether they exist or not. Today, you can find people who claim to have spoken to these entities. I do not know if this is true or not, as literal devil worshipping isn't one of my hobbies. If it is your hobby, please tell them hi for me, and let them know Beetle admires their work.

With that said, let's get to the good stuff.

Satan. Lucifer. The Morning Star. Old Scratch. The guy who played Dieter Stark in The Lost World. Every political candidate you don't like. Mestestopeles to some, I dunno. His names are numerous, but who, or what exactly, is Satan?

To do a definitive examination of Satan, you have to delve into thousands of years of history. This will not be definitive, but I'll be delving more into him as time goes on. Today, I'll be focusing mostly on the Christian viewpoints.

We all know the story. Eve was chillin' in the Garden of Eden, doing Eve things, when the serpent rolls up with the most insane drug known to man at that time. No, not hash or whatever, this is before controlled substances. 6,000 years ago, by the count of New Earth Creationists. The drug was knowledge. See, God was a hater when it came to his two progenies hitting the books. Sounds a little familiar to me, but we won't get into that today. So Eve was walking around naked, but didn't know it. Adam as well. It was basically San Francisco, but they were blissfully unaware that this was an issue.

Side note - to this day, I still believe that this wasn't an issue and never was. The idea of those two discovering their nudity and feeling shame is derived from years of sexual repression by  religious authorities. I firmly believe that clothes are useful and awesome, but that nobody should ever feel shame over their body. Even if you're religious, something that you hear all the time is that God makes no mistakes. I believe this to be true, whether you were created or not. Let your beauty shine, love.

Anyway, for the sake of this conversation, though, Satan slid up in Eve's DM's like "I've got that good shit".

Another side note, I'm so sorry. This one act in the Bible has been the basis for uncountable atrocities committed against women. This is where original sin started, and the institutionalized belief that women are inferior. It all started with a curious Eve. Allegedly. More likely, it's just a justification for the predominant viewpoint at the time of the Bible's writing, which still pervades today and should be stomped out like the weed it is.

Eve, who had been told by God to avoid the Tree of Knowledge like a plague, now was being tempted by a serpent, who was… somehow holding an apple. It's a myth, guys, bear with me.

Eve fell to temptation, ate the apple, gave some to Adam, and Humanity was doomed. This is our first introduction to Satan.

If you've never read the Bible, you might actually be shocked at how little Satan is mentioned, and definitively at that. In my research for this post, I found out that some of the verses that mentioned Satan, specifically " How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! (NIV, Isaiah 14:12)" might have actually been talking about someone else, and that Jesus mentioned him once, describing his fall from Heaven. Which leads me to the origin story.

Something that shocked me a little during the making of this is that the Bible gave us so precious little to go on regarding Satan (I feel another side note coming on…), but that a lot of our understanding of Satan's origins come from "Paradise Lost", by John Milton. The idea was that Satan was an angel that, for whatever reason, rebelled against God and was pimp slapped down to Hell. Interpretations vary on what annoyed Satan enough to cause him to step up to the Almighty, but my personal favorite is that he was miffed that humans couldn't get into Heaven. This was explored beautifully in the book "Memnoch the Devil", by Anne Rice.

So, Satan rules Hell now. The end.

But what about Baphomet?

An interesting difference between these two is that Satan's history is entirely based on myth. Accounts of direct contact with humans are usually tied to something else, like witch trials. That's next week though. For now, Baphomet's history is tied explicitly with human history.

To keep it succinct, Baphomet as we now know him goes back to the Knight's Templar. This is an interesting subject and I highly recommend you look into it, but the idea is that the Knights's Templar were a force to be reckoned with in early Christiandom, being an early form of bankers, and being skilled warriors. The king of France at the time, Phillip IV, owed them a significant amount of money. So, he hit up the Pope. I imagine the conversation went something like this:


(Phone ringing)


Pope: It's the big P, and I mean that both ways. How can I help you?


Phillip: Yo, P, I need some help, cuh.


Pope: Again, Phil? Listen, Jesus can hear you from home. I don't need to have you blowing up my DMs just to pray or whatever. I'm busy AF. In like two centuries we're gonna be dealing with some problems regarding the little boys and I need to get our money situated, ya know?


Phillip: Maaaaaaan, it ain't about that. I owe the Templar ass loads of money and they want it back, but I spent it on Joan of Ark's OnlyFans page.


Pope: The Maid of Orleans, indeed.


Phillip: Right? She shows her ankles and everything. Anyway, what can you do?


Pope: I can have them charged as blashemers, make up a bunch of shit and have them disbanded and burnt at the stake as heretics. Does that work?


Phillip: That's… oddly specific.


Pope: Don't hate, I dreamed it last nigh…. I MEAN GOD SENT ME A VISION OF BLASPHEMY YO.


Phillip: Cool, cool. So, about that other thing…


Pope: Yeah, man, I got your broke ass. My man with the weed will be there later. What strain?


Phillip: You know, cuh.


Pope: Got it. One order of Holy Water. Gotcha.




So it was. The Knight's Templar were brought up on charges. The charges were… creative to say the least. Homosexuality, indecent kissing, spitting on the cross, and… worshipping an entity called the "Baphomet". The Templars were tortured relentlessly. I mean… indecent kissing? You have to be kidding me. But there it is.

I obviously am approaching this from a humorous standpoint, but the truth is that there is very little humor to be found in the situation. What happened to the Templar was FUCKED. After the fact, they were vindicated by the church and both the current Pop and King Phillip were pushing up daisies within a year, said to be the result of a curse placed on them by the leader of the Templar right before he was burned. The exact quote was recorded as this:

"Dieu sait qui a tort et a péché. Il va bientot arriver malheur à ceux qui nous ont condamnés à mort".

Rough translation?

"God ain't stupid, you fucks! He knows who the real assholes are, you two! And you will fucking pay. Both of you. Within a year you'll be worm food! AHAHHDEHFHEFHEFHEFHEFHEHJWOWJDWD!"

It happened, as I mentioned. Within a year, both were dead. To this day it is known as the Templar's Curse. Or some variation of that theme.

But what of Baphomet?

The truth is that all I can find is that it wasn't very popular after, and was basically brought back to the public consciousness by a picture, rendered by Eliphas Levi, a French Occultist, which resembles Akhenaton, an Egyptian deity (Check sources for more info). The idea was for it to be hermaphroditic, of both genders.

Later on, it would be picked up and used for many purposes that had to do with the Satanic - there are Baphomet statues all over the place, and controversy was stirred recently when a Satanic Temple erected a statue of Baphomet in protest of religious suppression of Satanism at the hands of Christianity. Knowing all you know now, you might be asking yourself why a Satanic Temple used Baphomet as their symbol, being that Baphomet has almost no connection to Satan. I'm not sure, but my theory runs a little like this: More people recognize and react to Baphomet. Satan was an angel, and his appearance is such that unless you did a horned goat man, most people wouldn't recognize it instantly as Satan. Conversely, Baphomet us UNIVERSALLY understood to be demonic, and many confuse him with Satan. Therefore they used him. This is just a theory, though.

In conclusion:

Satan and Baphomet are not the same entity. They never were. Please go out into the world and correct this mistake, as it is fairly common.

Thank you for reading.





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