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BeetleMilk's Top Favorite Indie Apparel Stores (Occult and Otherwise)

BeetleMilk's Top Favorite Indie Apparel Stores (Occult and Otherwise)


It's Pope, back at it with some fun and informative info for our lovely followers and friends.

So, I know what you're thinking. "Pope, you've got me on your store, and that costs money. Why in the world would you do another blog pointing out other people's stores? Wouldn't that just get them paid if I like their stuff more?"

Excellent question. It's not as crazy as it sounds. See, Tatiana and I subscribe to the idea that the rising tide lifts all the boats. In other words, if we participate in our community, the friendship and mentorship outvalues a few purchases. I see a lot of indie companies really screw themselves over by thinking very short term - How can I profit today? -, instead of thinking long term - How can I help this movement flourish and thus help us all profit? Besides that, there's also SEO reasons and a bunch of other blah blah blah let's get to the list!

PS - The cover image is a BeetleMilk Design, which you can check out HERE. I was going to use these company's logos but wasn't sure of copyright on the subject.

BeetleMilk's Favorite Occult Apparel Shops:

1. BlackCraft Cult - Ok, if you know anything about these scene, you know we have to pay tribute to the bosses. These absolute madlads did something that I honestly would have called impossible a few years ago - formed a multimillion dollar company based on fucking SATANISM. Who even knew there were that many Satanic people in the world? On top of that, BlackCraft is reasonably priced and incredibly high quality. They are on top for a reason, and love them or hate them - game recognizes game. 

Good if looking for: Affordable and straight to the point occult clothing with an insane amount of polish.

Bad if looking for: Much outside of Satanism. They do designs based on Ouija and even have holiday and movie themed merchandise, but their bread and butter is Satanism, so if that's not your bag they might not be for you. I don't know why it wouldn't be, though, Satanism rules.


2. Wicked Clothes - This is another giant in the industry. They specialize in funnier occult clothing. You have seen some of their designs around, I promise. The cat cleaning itself pentagram, the graphics of kids enjoying "Baby's First Sacrifice" or something, their stuff is funny with an almost disturbing edge. I could have sworn that they were carried at Spencer's Gifts, but I couldn't find a link to back it up. Either way, I love the humorous work and the old fashioned style darkness.

Good if looking for: Occult clothing you can laugh at. Their stuff is genuinely funny and awesome.

Bad if looking for: Obviously, hardcore serious Occult, the type of stuff that scares Grandma out of her dentures. These cats aren't the one for that, but what they do, they do well.


3. Vampire Freaks - I confess, outside of those two, I don't know that many occult vendors doing something different and interesting. I found a lot of knockoffs, that do the "Let's slap a pentagram on a shirt and charge $40 for it" song and dance. However, I did stumble upon Vampire Freaks, which... wasn't that like a social website at one point or am I getting it confused with FetLife? Either way, I dig their stuff. They seem to pick up where Hot Topic left off. Safe occult for your parents to shake their head at, but nothing too serious. As a person who released a shirt with actual Voodoo runes on it, I definitely get the appeal of toning it down. I especially like the plushies.

Good if looking for: A Winter Solstice gift for your goth girlfriend.

Bad if looking for: Once again, anything too serious.


BeetleMilk's Favorite Non - Occult Apparel Shops:

1. Scummy Bears - I don't even know how to describe the insanity of this company. Their stuff is like a neon gross out shock rock gagglefuck. Tatiana and I both admire their work immensely. One thing that sets them apart is some of the cuts of their offerings. They walk the line between being indie and counterculture but selling clothes that look good. They do something very unique and my description is not doing them justice. Go check them out.

Good if looking for: Second and third glances on the street. SB designs draw attention

Bad if looking for: Boring designs. 


2. Get Lost Perv! - We were connected to Ethan, who owns GLP, through Brian Melgar (Who is a great author, you can check him out here). Ethan is a great guy and a great marketer, and his brand, Get Lost Perv!, showcases this. Focusing on counterculture and sexy art, he also works with other artists for awesome collabs. Additionally, it was just announced that GLP is being carried in Spencer's stores, as well as select Hot Topic stores. We've watched this company grow for years and couldn't be more excited for the future of GLP. Check them out, and tell him BeetleMilk sent you!

Good if looking for: Anime or street - level fashion.

Bad if looking for: An outfit to wear to your Grandma's house.


3. Bunni Designs - This is another company owned by a person we know personally. Bunni is a wonderful human, which is a great start. As far as her offerings go, BD offers a plethora of designs, from cute kawaii stuff to fan/ cosplay designs. They also have at times carried BeetleMilk, although they swap out designs regularly, so I can't promise we're on the website right now. Their clothes are colorful, bright, and all over printed, and we can personally attest to the quality. Additionally, BD is friendly to plus sizes, utilizing plus size models to showcase a lot of their products as well. Bunni also features a lot of POC as models, which we don't see nearly enough. 

Good if looking for: A safe space for awesome and diverse convention wear or general cuteness.

Bad if looking for: Dark, depressing or drab clothing. 


Well, that's it for this edition! I hope this helps you find next season's clothing and support some indie companies as well! Next week, I'm going to talk about our favorite Occult books and why. See you then!



*Disclaimer: I did not ask any of these companies before posting them here. Being as such, I wasn't paid to plug them, and did it out of a genuine desire to help. If you see your company on here and want me to remove it, I will, of course, comply immediately. If you are interested in getting your occult related product or media reviewed on this blog, reach out and I'll let you know. For all inquiries, the email address is


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