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BeetleMilk's Top 5 Favorite Art Tarot Decks

BeetleMilk's Top 5 Favorite Art Tarot Decks

We love Tarot Cards.

At once a fun game to play with your friends and a serious tool used by Adepts throughout history to lead them into the future, Tarot is endlessly diverse. For example, did you know you can do a Tarot reading with a deck of standard playing cards? There are a bunch of references on the subject but I liked this one.

BeetleMilk, of course, is well known for our holographic Tarot Cards. We are releasing them one by one as collectors items, and have even had readers use the current collection for Tarot Readings. However, you might need a full deck. In that case, I'm here to help. Below is a list of three non-BeetleMilk artistic Tarot Decks that we adore. Make sure to go pick one (or all!) up, and tell them BeetleMilk sent you!

1. Neon Moon Tarot, by Pixel Occult

I love the aesthetics of this deck. It's got an almost CyberPunk vibe (not the game, the genre) and the use of dark colors juxtaposed with neon pink just really brings it home. Additionally, Pixel Occult's website provides resources to help, such as card descriptions and meanings, and a spread guide. An absolute class act, I have no choice but to stan.

2. The Somnia Tarot Deck by Nicolas Bruno

This one isn't out yet, but I have to give credit for its ambition. This person took actual photos, which is insane. Go look at The Hanged Man (my favorite Tarot card of all time!) and tell me it's not an awesome project. It's ok to be wrong. Nicolas Bruno is currently taking preorders, I'd advise getting in on it.

3. The Lost Forest, by Chelsea Santamaria

This deck is absolutely stunning. A successful KickStarter of 1000 copies, it has went on to be reprinted. We also really appreciate the focus on sustainability, proving that you can get great things while being moral. Wonderful deck.


I have to give credit, there are some great decks out there! I didn't even scratch the surface, and I highly encourage you to look into some indie decks!

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*Disclaimer: I did not ask any of these companies before posting them here. Being as such, I wasn't paid to plug them, and did it out of a genuine desire to help. If you see your company on here and want me to remove it, I will, of course, comply immediately. If you are interested in getting your occult related product or media reviewed on this blog, reach out and I'll let you know. For all inquiries, the email address is

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