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BeetleMilk's Favorite Indie Artists from Our Community (Part 1)

BeetleMilk's Favorite Indie Artists from Our Community (Part 1)

Hello again! 

Long time, no see :)

I'm back at it again, but today's blog is special because it is personal

Before I get into it, I wanted to delineate our method here, because our community is absolutely brimming with wonderful artists. 

Basically, in order to be included on this list, the artist had to have some type of shop online, such as RedBubble or Etsy, and they have to be good. Many people are at different phases of their artistic journey, but if you are selling your work, you're at a different level. 

Without further ado, let's check out some awesome indie art (side note: Tatiana is going to do a separate blog where she talks about indie artists that she likes outside of the community, so look forward to that)!

1. LunaLovesTea

If one of your main qualifications for an indie artist to buy from is whether the artist is an all-around great human, Luna should be very near the top of your list. On top of that, her work is rad. It really breaks down to two types of art: graphic art (such as her moth sticker) and crocheted art. Tatiana and I personally own a few Luna pieces and her sticker graces my laptop. She's great and we endorse her stuff wholeheartedly.

2. Axane

In our community, Ax is known as "little brother". Not only is Ax a total sweetheart and a blast to hang with in chat or on a live, but they are also incredibly talented. So much so that I actually commissioned them for a portrait of me. It was my Discord pfp for AGES and I still adore it. 

3. Beautiful Serendipity

My homie does furry art. Very well done and executed furry art. I don't personally know much about furry anything, but I like her art. Go commission her for your fursona and tell her I sent you.

4. TinyT0ad

Hannah is an interesting proof of concept for Tatiana's and my ongoing campaign to encourage people to take up professional art, although we have to credit her for a wholly original approach. You see, Hannah makes stickers. Stickers of toads. If that doesn't catch your attention automatically, I dunno what to tell you. They are cute and even slightly edgy (see the "I'll Fucking REEEE" sticker). Hannah got the word out via TikTok (a platform sadly neglected by us) and sold out of stickers in like 4 minutes. I have to give her credit, that was astounding to watch, although not surprising. I see a bright future in art for her. Check her out!

5. Rachel Henry

You might recognize Rachel's name from her collaboration with us here on the site (you can find that here). We've known Rachel since college and we both adore her work. Rachel is great because she bounces very well between cartoony and realistic and does it well. I literally cannot name one piece I've seen by her that I didn't dig, and when she submitted her collab for us my jaw hit the ground. On top of that she is an ardent supporter of the Beetle and a great friend. Nothing but love for Ms. Henry around these parts.

BONUS: Arkamus

Arkamus is a musician. He does like... Electronica House music. We had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a series of shirts, but that's actually not why he's on this list. He's here because his music slaps. I listen to his jams regularly. What he does is themes out his music, tying in vocal samples and the artwork to make every song a multi platform, cohesive piece. He is also a great visual artist in his own right, designing most of his single and album covers. Check my boy out!


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