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Community Interview #3: OriginalNick

Community Interview #3: OriginalNick

Hello there, and welcome to our second community interview! My name is Tatiana and I am one of the owners of BeetleMilk. We pride ourselves on being a community who happens to sell things; and not to brag, but we have one of the MOST kickass communities out there! 

Today, I welcome Nick AKA OriginalNick! Nick has multiple podcasts that he has created and updates frequently. Pope works along side Nick on two of these. We met Nick when we first started going to conventions years ago, and have been friends since.


Let’s get to the good part!

“Hey Nick, so glad you could join me for an interview! How are you doing today?"

“I am doing fantastic!"

"Awesome, glad to hear it! Could you please start by introducing yourself and what you do?"

"My name is OriginalNick, and I am one of three hosts on the podcast Macabre Masters. I also run another podcast called Lore-Cast."

"That's super cool- I know that you work with Pope in the podcast realm! Can you talk about what they are about?"


At first, it was all about the lore. The lore of some of my favorite video games, some movies, and even some original comics and artwork! It was on an episode of Lore-Cast, with Pope and Noah that Macabre Masters was born! While talking about the 2003 "The Ring" remake, it went deeper than the lore, and went into unknown territory for Lore-Cast. 

After the episode, the three of us felt this was something more than just lore, and it deals with WHY the movie scared us, certain macabre aspects of horror, and it even dealt with mental illness. 

Macabre Masters now deals with: Horror Movies, Cryptids, and Serial Killers. So, to summarize, Lore-Cast is all about the lore of our favorite media, while Macabre Masters deals with the why, how and when of macabre things."

"That sounds really spooky. I'm a total weenie when it comes to scary movies, lol. Monster movies, I can handle. I LOVE monster designs, oh my god. But when it comes to serial killers and stuff like "The Hills Have Eyes", you can keep ALL that.

Do you have a subject that scared you more as you researched it?"

"Absolutely! The thing that has scared me the most has been serial killers. More so than that, as I discussed in the episode about Ed Gein, it's not the killer themselves.

To me- The scarier aspect to me was the individuals who become enthralled with a killer to the point of copying infamous crime scene photos (Ed Gein);

Becoming extremely attracted to them (Ted Bundy);

Marrying them in prison (Charles Manson);

Even going as far as having a copycat killer (Heriberto Seda copying the Zodiac Killer)..."

That's gonna be a BIG no for me hahahaha...."


Before you started these two podcasts, did you have any previous experience in video or audio recording?"

"I had a few projects here and there. Before transferring to another school and another major, I was a film student at Bryan College in Dayton, TN. While there, I had acted in a few student films, wrote a few projects, directed a project, and sound recorded for a project.

I had done a few audio projects on 'TheOriginalNickShow' with readings and recorded/edited a few 'Let's Plays' for a good while. But nothing to this scale (of current projects)!"

"Oh, so you like to act as well then?"

"I have found a love for voice acting! After starting Lore-Cast,I realized my voice is my favorite tool. While starting to record Lore-Cast, I had also started to voice act for many audio artists across the audio drama and Halo Machinima world!"

“Have you thought about breaking into doing voice acting in animation? That's always a ton of fun!"

"I think that would be an amazing opportunity! My biggest role models for voice acting are John DiMaggio, Nathan Fillion and Steve Blum. I would love to work beside those three in an animated project one day!"

“I love Steve Blum. His voice acting for Spike Spiegel is my favorite- so snarky.

So Nick, you have multiple talents and work hard every day to become better at them. Do you have a dream or an end goal?"

"I would have to say that my end goal is to start my own true entertainment studio! Like, a true proper one. Starting off small renting in an office building. I would have one room for each: an editing bay, and a recording booth; and a shelving unit with my cameras and field recorders.

The end goal for me is to be able to make a living off of short film content and expansive audio dramas/podcasts."

"That sounds amazing! Very ambitious, but I know you can do it! 

Let's get to some more non-conventional questions now! What's the craziest date you've ever been on?"

"The craziest date would have to be with my wife before we got married! At the time, neither of us were looking for love. She was with someone who wasn't giving her time, and quickly left after befriending me. I also had not been looking for the past three years.

Out of the blue, she asked if I could come to her birthday party, where she was probably inebriated.

I knew she was crazy, (and the one for me), when I was driving her home when we passed a sign reading "Howell Mill Road" in Atlanta. She looked at it and she said, "Hey look! HOOOOWWWWL Road!"

Since then we take dates to hike and go thrifting. As you can tell, I didn't date much and not at all crazy!"

"Hahaha that's a super cute story! I think the best stories of people getting together are always the ones with weird beginnings. 

Did she howl like a wolf when she said that??"

"She absolutely did!"

"Hahaha that picture will forever be stuck in my head. 

Well, Nick it's about that time to wrap it up for now. Thank you so much for interviewing with me! Everyone, please go to Nick's social media links below and give it some love!

Until next time!"

Macabre Masters Podcast

Lore-Cast Podcast


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