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Community Interview #2: MacLeod

Community Interview #2: MacLeod

Hello there, and welcome to our second community interview! My name is Tatiana and I am one of the owners of BeetleMilk. We pride ourselves on being a community who happens to sell things; and not to brag, but we have one of the MOST kickass communities out there! 

Today, I welcome Chase- AKA MacLeod to this interview! You may recognize him, because we have had the pleasure of him modeling for us! You can see one of his listings here.


Let’s get to the good part!

“Alrighty, well welcome Chase! I'm very excited to interview with you today! First off, how did you come by the name MacLeod and what does it mean to you?"

“So, MacLeod was what my mom wanted my middle name to be after watching 'The Highlander'... But that got vetoed by my dad hahaha."

"But that was super cool that you were able to utilize the name in this way! I bet your mom is super happy about it! Can you tell is a little bit about where you live? How long have you lived there and do you enjoy it?"

"Definitely! These days im living in Anaheim, California with my best friend, and loving it! The rent could be cheaper and this winter was kinda cold, but for the most part it's paradise. I'm right between DTLA and the OC beach cities, so I'm happy!"

"I remember living in California. I know it must have been a huge shock with the cold front that came through! It even snowed in some parts (I think?).

I know you are a multi-talented individual, being a model, making music, and even dabbling in the arts! Can you tell us a little bit about that?"

"I guess I've always been artistic. I was always pretty good at drawing as a kid and a natural at understanding melody, harmony and rhythm. So, by the time I finally got my hands on an instrument, I just kinda kept going with it.

I never stopped drawing. 

As for modeling, that just happened because too many people were asking if I was one, so I figured I should give it a shot!"

"Don't you love how stuff just falls together like that? You're probably one of the coolest, most down to earth dudes I've ever talked to (haha). 

Let's have fun with an off-the-wall question- Can you think of a time where you got yourself in trouble, but you barely remember?"

"Unfortunately, I always remember when I get myself into trouble (haha). But for the times I don't, all I can say is: Don't do Xanax, kids. :D"

"Oooh that sounds like a STORY!! But, that's fine- keep your secrets."


"Sometime I'll tell you off record."

"Oh I can't wait for that! Do you have a favorite photo shoot or music shoot you have done? And why?"

"Each one is usually so unique, so it's hard to choose a favorite. But I guess the most exciting experience so far was this music video I was in for an artist named 'Arielle'. It was a really professional production and I met a lot of cool people there! I don't think the video's out yet, but I'll definitely be posting it once it is!"

“I will be sure to update this blog with the link once the video is out! That's cool. One of the coolest things about California, specifically SoCal is it has a vibe unlike any other. You never know when you'll run into a famous person.

Someone knows someone down there. It's like another world.

Speaking of, if you were to live anywhere else in the world, where would you like to live?"

"I'd love to live in NYC for a while someday! Or maybe somewhere like Florida, or just further south here in California, like San Diego. Europe sounds nice, but I don't know that I'd wanna live there since I don't know any other languages (haha).

“That's the struggle, haha. So I know you sing, and I've seen you play guitar. Can you play anything else?"

"Yeah, I play bass in a band called Coast Red. And then I also play piano, and a little bit of drums too! Mostly, I'm a song writer/producer, though."

"Dang, you really are a a guy of many talents! Do you have a favorite song that you've created? What was the inspiration for it?"

"I think my favorite song out right now (of my own) is one I put out Zoë Fae in December called "Hazel" on Apple Music and Spotify! As far as my solo music goes, though, nothing is officially released.. yet."

"That song is a banger!! I'm excited to be able to post about it here. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about?"

"Nothing in particular! I'm working on an EP with Zoë Fae that should come out later this year, and various other people's projects I'm working on (alongside my own). And then, new shoots and a feature in a short film or two in the coming months as well!"

"Hell yeah, dude! Well, thank you so much for interviewing with me, it was a blast! Hey everyone, please go check out MacLeod below on all of his different social media platforms! 

Until next time!"

Instagram (Model Page)

Instagram (Artist Page)


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